Summit House Apartments DC

Summit House Apartments DC

Summit mHouse Apartments, DC, Offers a Great View of the Capital City. Mount Vernon and Summit House apartments in Washington, DC are located close to many historic sites, museums, theatres, and popular night spots. They are also close to the Metro stations to make it easy for residents to travel to work or to various destinations in the region.

With access to major roads and proximity to the Center for American History and ABC Television Center, residents can enjoy all that the city has to offer. In addition, there are more than 50 state-of-the-art amenities, including high-speed Internet access, public swimming pools, bike trails, multiple parks, walking paths, recreational centers, meeting rooms, and various community activities.

Summit House apartments offer residents easy access to shopping and dining. Residents can access the Shoppers Mall at several downtown malls and can take advantage of a plethora of free museums including the Smithsonian Institution, the George Mason University, and many others. Those who work from home can be sure to find a selection of unique and convenient stores at Summit House that provide everything from apparel to books to computer hardware and office supplies.

ABC Television Center is also just minutes away. With satellite television and a wireless Internet connection, residents can easily keep abreast of events and news by logging onto their personal computers or even the available laptop computer units at Summit House.

The ABC Television Center was dedicated in 1937 as part of the Museum of Broadcasting. From its inception, it has hosted television programs that range from the newest political coverage to classic programs and movies. With more than seventy thousand square feet of space, this multi-functional building offers residents not only the best view in town, but also a great place to work or to play.

One of the main attractions of the ABC Television Center is its recently constructed garden-like interior. The ABC Television Center features an outdoor amphitheater and covered outdoor terrace, which offers residents an amazing view of Washington, DC. When members of the public feel like soaking up some sun, there is plenty of shade available on the covered outdoor terrace.

One of the most popular areas of the ABC Television Center is the recreation center. The recreation center offers activities like tennis, swimming, basketball, ping pong, and tennis, making it a great place for residents to get involved with family and friends.

Another popular area of the ABC Television Center is the arts and crafts area. There is a large variety of furniture and tools, which is perfect for residents to try and make unique gifts or to use in decorating their homes.

For residents interested in learning about the history of our nation’s capital, there is a good chance they can find information in the many exhibits at the ABC Television Center. There are also several classrooms for students to take advantage of, whether they are adults who want to learn more about American history or younger children who want to learn about the wonder of the world.

The Cablevision Studio is another great attraction at the ABC Television Center. This studio features a large control room, which makes it a perfect location for various meetings, presentations, and film shoots, from television shows to music videos.

However, residents of the DC area should not stop there! The DC-area is also home to two major attractions, including the Museum of Natural History and the American Folk Art Museum.

The Museum of Natural History features a collection of historical artifacts and displays a dynamic range of natural history and cultural objects from around the world. It is home to an array of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. There are also many fascinating prehistoric fossil discoveries that visitors can check out and get an insight into our distant past.

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