Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

Summit house apartments little rock ar 72205 Summit House Apartments Programs

Summit House Apartments is a privately owned, Christian based, non-profit organisation that provides quality low income housing for seniors, single mothers and other deserving people. With over seventy-two years of service and contributions, the charity offers a wide range of services to the needy and poor, as well as other people in need. The Mission Statement of Summit House is “To Live a life of self-giving, service, and unity with others, and by doing so to share in God’s good love”.

These ten community facilities include Summit House Apartments. The apartments are home to both single moms and couples with young children. The apartments are situated in North Little Rock, Arkansas in an area close to many affordable homes and grocery stores.

Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

One of the most popular programs of Summit House Apartments is the Thanksgiving meal program. This program has been run for twelve years now. Nearly every month a family can be expected to attend this meal with their children, which is free of charge.

Some of the programs run by Summit House Apartments are: Volunteers for Hope. This program helps disadvantaged women and children. It operates a daycare center and is run by volunteers.Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

It assists those who have a car’s safety, a sense of safety, a love of God, or a fear of crime. In return, a share of food and/or money is given to them. Families get involved and become an active part of the service.

Another one of the services offered by Summit House Apartments is the JoJo Gonzales Ministry. This ministry gives free childcare to children who are either under-aged or who cannot care for themselves. Theyalso have the option of matching dollars with your donation. Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

There is also a medical facility which is run by the South Little Rock Hospital. The facility offers a free clinic for victims of domestic violence, with emergency and follow-up services. It provides a help line that is answered by trained staff members.

The South Little Rock hospital also has a busy ER, which is staffed by well-trained medical personnel. It is staffed by nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, clinical nurse specialists, and doctor’s assistants. The staffs are well equipped with the latest technology and equipment. They are also fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

As, well as the medical facilities, the South Little Rock shelter also provides mental health and drug treatment. Every single year, hundreds of people from all walks of life are treated in this ER. Most are a victim of some kind of domestic violence.

The South Little Rock shelter has additional services that may be requested. For example, if there is a fire, the staff has the ability to offer the latest firefighting techniques and equipment. If there is a power outage, they can provide emergency generators that will allow you to stay in your home. Summit House Apartments Little Rock Ar 72205

Furthermore, there are special needs people that need help with transportation. There are a vehicle wash and wax facility that can be used when needed. If you have a special need and can’t afford to pay for this out of pocket, then there is funding available through an assortment of fundraising programs.

The family of a deceased loved one is invited to come to the program for a candlelight service. The program is designed to give some closure for afamily while they mourn the loss of a loved one.

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