summit house apartments west orange

Summit House Apartments West Orange

Summit House Apartments: The Best Place to Live in Orange County

For some of the best deals in town, look no further than Summit House Apartments West Orange. We’re the best place to get apartment living in Orange County. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful, convenient apartment with amenities that are second to none, or you’re looking for a luxury condo apartment near beautiful beaches, we’ve got it all.

What do we have that other apartments and housing amenities don’t? Well, we have panoramic views of the ocean and mountains, and we have attractive and personalized concierge services. All of our residents can breathe easy and know that their home is safe and secure. And when you’re looking for a community that has excellent access to quality public transportation, such as the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA), we’ve got you covered.


With this brand new community, the next time you think about moving, just remember: Orange County offers lots of great places to live, but the places where you’ll feel most at home are not always the things that the rest of the population may be aware of. With Summit House Apartments West Orange, you can live the life you deserve, at an affordable price. You will love living here.

Whether you are an experienced renter or first-time homebuyer, this is the place to call home. From affordable rent options to gracious guest amenities, we strive to provide residents with the best of everything. And no matter where you decide to call home, you can rest assured that you will be treated like royalty in our apartment community.

This community offers many different types of accommodations residents can choose from, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Each one offers ample space for two people, ample open space, excellent access to the outdoors, and modern amenities.

The beauty of this residential community is in the way it is architecturally designed. From high ceilings and beautifully detailed windows to elegant, open floor plans and large rooms, every unit feels at home.

Some of the many features that you will find in our apartments include great kitchens with outdoor cooking equipment, attractive bedrooms, stunning townhouses, beautiful townhouses, modern amenities, and walkable neighborhoods. You can even find apartments that are close to shopping and downtown. The list goes on, and you can find all of this and more at Summit House Apartments West Orange.

When you have your dream apartment, you can feel good about having everything you need and want in a place of your own. You can enjoy the relaxing ambiance of our community with comfortable furniture and private spaces to relax in. If that’s not enough, you will also have access to conveniences you’ll find in a resort-like setting.

You can also benefit from having access to amenities such as a gym, club rooms, fitness center, pool, and parking, all within walking distance of your apartment. You can find them all just a short walk away. This makes it so easy to get things done, whether you’re a business person an active family member, or a student, Summit House Apartments is a great place to live.

When you choose one of the community’s suites, you will be able to experience the benefits of having those same amenities, without ever leaving your apartment. Instead of paying rent, you can enjoy them all, all the time.

All of the top choices in luxury for living are just steps away, so you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere. And, since you’re only minutes from all of the best schools and shopping in Orange County, you’ll always be able to access great deals.

Summit House Apartments offers exactly what you are looking for when you move into this beautiful community. Your next apartment is just a short walk away. With the right apartment living style, you will always be able to feel at home.

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