Summit House Park City Resort

Summit House Park City

Resort Summit House Park City ResortA Single FamilyHome Style Mountain Resort Hotel

Summit House Park City is a unique new style of ski lodge that will make you think differently about resort hotels. The incredible spaces will quickly become one of your favorite locations in this area, where the snowfall is below average for the winter season.

Summit House Park City is a single family home-style, independent, and eclectic mountain resort that is housed within a gated compound. This is the same property that is the home of Summit Mountain Resort. This place of beauty and gracious hospitality has a private riding lodge style design that is uniquely designed to help individuals relax, and reconnect with nature.

For those who are less interested in the adventure, the Summit House Park City will offer plenty of the excitement and thrills. Within the property are five four-season activities: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, biking, and fishing. While there is still some mountain experience, the significant difference is that these activities are not necessary at all times.

There are also family trip spots within the property for you to select from, such as a playground and pond, nature trails, and a spa. They also offer six private rooms and a guest suite within the property.

Summit House Park City is an independent family owned resort, and they strive to provide a comfortable and soothing place to visit with friends and family members. This mountain resort company also has a talented team of instructors that are willing to guide their guests through the different ski conditions.

This is why so many people come to stay at Summit House Park City, because they are able to get away from it all, and enjoy the luxurious mountain resort. It is a wonderful way to discover new things, get out on the slopes, and simply enjoy the day.

With the four-season activity that they offer, you will have the opportunity to try new things, and enjoy yourself. You can catch the latest video game consoles, or watch a favorite television show on their high definition flat screen TV.

The base of the mountain resort offers a free shuttle service, and there is plenty of parking nearby. This is one of the biggest attractions for many visitors, as they can easily get home and park their vehicles here. The Summit House Park City property also offers incredible restaurants, and shops to visit.

Even though the Summit House Park City is a great resort for families, they also have cabins available, and you can stay in a private room with fireplaces. They also have a very experienced team of mountain guides that will provide you with some very exciting adventures, if you wish to engage in them.

The guides are well trained and know the area extremely well, and can safely take you through the different skiable slopes. The adventure is absolutely safe, and you will want to bring your kids along with you, so that they can enjoy the fun of exploring the terrain that you are so interested in.

The mountain guide team will be there to help you as you explore the mountain, and while you are having the best time skiing, you can feel the spirit of adventure as you stand upon the top of the summit. It will be like the calm before the storm, as you gaze down upon all of the amazing terrain of the mountain.

This resort hotel is truly a home away from home. If you have ever wanted to take in all of the thrill of the mountains, without the hassles of day to day life, Summit House Park City will give you exactly what you are looking for, and that is comfort and pleasure.

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