Summit Station Apartments in Washington

Summit Station Apartments in Washington Court House, Ohio

Summit Station Apartments in Washington Court House, Ohio offers apartment living at its best. There are five floors of luxurious accommodations with all the comforts of home. With one of the most beautiful views in the state of Ohio, Summit Station offers excellent value for your hard earned money.

The restaurant at the Summit Station Apartments offers a full service coffee shop and snack bar for you to enjoy a refreshing meal or lunch. And you can watch your favorite sporting event at the Beaver Stadium, Ohio Stadium, and even the Leon County Fair.

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With direct access to the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as the Rhode Island Hospital, Summit Station gives you great amenities at great prices. You will have a wide range of activities to choose from and that makes it a great place to stay and unwind.

Summit Station Apartments in Washington Court House Ohio

One thing that you should know about these apartments is that they make certain things a bit more affordable than normal. For example, the cable television at the Summit Station Apartments is not included in the monthly rental rate but can be added on the above rate.

Your apartment will have a balcony with a breathtaking view of the Columbus skyline or just your own private floor. And the common area includes a living room, kitchen, coffee shop, and comfortable living area.

Summit Station Apartments in Washington Court House Ohio

In addition to the upper level which offers the largest apartment size you can find, there is also the lower level where you can move into an apartment size that is more affordable for you. Just take your time and research on different sizes available.

These Summit Station apartments are all within walking distance of the beaches of Playhouse Beach, Liberty State Park, and Beach Street. In addition, the apartment buildings of Washington Court House, Ohioinclude a high speed internet connection that gives you access to your local library, TV and radio stations. All you need to do is hook up the cable.

Summit Station provides residents with a variety of choices when it comes to what type of activities they would like to participate in. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of live sports and even play a little in the sport of your choice. With a swimming pool, yoga classes, children’s pool, outdoor basketball court, and many other activities, you will never run out of things to do while staying at Summit Station.

Even the Summit Station apartments in Washington Court House, Ohio offer so much more for their residents than just staying home and relaxing. On the upper level, you can enjoy the unique Downtown at West Square shopping experience. There are many of their convenient stores and restaurants for you to visit as well.

And you will never be far from your beloved pets while staying at Summit Station in Washington Court House, Ohio. With free pet vaccinations and pet boarding, the apartment is very well equipped to handle any pet issue that may arise. You will have the opportunity to visit the health care center, exercise facility, or even spend time with them when they are having a particularly bad day.

Everyone has a favorite bookstore in town and Summit Station also offers four bookstores to satisfy your craving for books. This is not to mention the many other reading experiences available. You are guaranteed to find a great new book just about anywhere you turn your head.

Summit Station apartments in Washington Court House, Ohio also offer residents a wide range of entertainment options. With the variety of facilities available, there is no reason why you cannot spend quality time with your family. You will have the opportunity to enjoy everything from live theater performances to Disney theme park attractions to food, beverages, and music.

Washington Court House, Ohio is also home to the Columbus Zoo and the Art of Animation and there is a complete set of dog parks and toddler areas for you and your little one to enjoy together. So come visit Summit Station and live your dream at Summit Station, Ohio Apartments.

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